Friday, July 31, 2009

SONA, etc.

State of the Union Address 2009 by Gloria Macapagal Arroyo -- YAWN, as in 2008 SONA.

Meeting between POTUS Barack Obama and de facto Phil. Prez GMA -- The latter traveled 10-15 hours by air over the Pacific and half-way across the US continent for a 30-minute conversation. What? Not even a beer? Press conference afterwards: statements were a total YAWN from both sides. Let's face it; Philippines just too insignificant in world affairs, mainly because its foreign policy is predictable, as in whatever POTUS wants, POTUS gets.

Beer summit lasted longer.


PROFILE said...

and the two women who acted intelligently and responsibly in regards to the entire beergate incident were shunned and ignored by the white house.

Ninotchka Rosca said...

truly... and btw, that should've been State of the Nation as opposed to State of the Union which is US, of course.