Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Homicidal Maniacs -- OK; Gays- NOT

It is preternaturally absurd of the Philippine Commission on Elections to refuse accreditation to ANG LADLAD, representing gays, lesbians, transgenders, etc., ostensibly because homosexuality is "immoral" even as the Maguindanao massacre reveals how homicidal maniacs are actually embedded in, part of, and, likely, standard bearers in various territories, of various mainstream election political parties.


Sanford said...

Yup -- to be gay is immoral but it's fine to kill pregnant women, journalists and drivers. The whole country's f---cked up. When do we rise to exterminate all of this plague of pests that's the ruling class?

Anonymous said...

Rhino-skinned, these so-called rulers.

Let's vote in the head of Ang Ladlad PRESIDENT.

Anonymous said...

Ampatuan says it was the MILF. Boy, these people really believe Filipinos are stupid.

Anonymous said...

Whoever is standard bearer of Ang Ladlad, he/she/s-he should be president. Let's vote him in.

We are so sick of these murderous macho warlords. And that includes leftist warlords.