Friday, November 28, 2008

16 Days of Activism

From the GABNet Secretary-General:

"Gabnet continues its commemoration of the 16 Days Against Gender Violence, as it turns its attention to the Political Repression in the Philippines and also pledges support for the Divorce Bill, introduced in Philippine Congress by the Gabriela Women's Party. Please access the Gabnet national blog here: http: //"

Sorry; I tried to link the last but had to stop because I was slowly going mad working on it for hours. A better techie will have to do it.


Anonymous said...

Hi! How is it that you have not blogged for a long time? Your commentaries are always very insightful.

p.s. When is your latest book, UNDOCUMENTED, going to come out???

Ninotchka Rosca said...

Considering my schedule, it's been a minor miracle I've managed to maintain this blogsite. But I will post by next week. And thank you for kind words. UNDOCUMENTED is in its final version.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I will look forward to more of your blog posts and latest book.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Undocumented! Thanks for keeping this blog up though, Ms. Rosca!