Saturday, November 17, 2007

need your vote

I was asked to post this, from the women's organization GABNet:

The Philippine television station ABS-CBN is asking people to vote on the 2007 newsmaker of the year. The GABNet 3 has been nominated. In this post-911 era of watchlists, terror lists, blacklists and hold-order lists, it is imperative that we send a strong protest against this form of state terrorism. Remember the McCarthy Blacklists; remember how Code Pink's Medea Benjamin was refused entry into Canada because of a blacklist. The GABNet 3 was in full frontal attack against this method of intimidation and harassment used by the Philippines government, ostensibly as part of the "war on terror." The GABNet 3 were 2 women of Philippine ancestry and one Jewish-American, all activists working for genuine women's equality, rights and liberation; they were suddenly accused, WITHOUT ANY BASIS IN FACT OR FICTION, by the Philippine government of being linked to the fundamentalist Taliban.

So protest the insanity of the Macapagal-Arroyo regime! email the words "GABNET 3 is my newsmaker of the year" to or use your cellphone and text the words "GABNet 3" to 650-766-1557.

Only 15 days left to make a difference. So DO IT NOW.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Is it GABnet or GABNET 3 with the 3 in subscript? I would just like to be sure. Maybe the subscript of 3 I'm seeing was an error?

Unknown said...

GABNet is the short form of the organization's name. Three (3) is not a subscript. Either one will do, I think,so long as you vote.

Anonymous said...

I voted. I was wondering....would we be able to vote more than once? (because if we could....)

Unknown said...

I believe you can vote more than once.

Thanks for voting. It's only until Nov. 30th.