Friday, February 19, 2010

Punk Rocker

Thought the only unconventional one in my entire clan was moi -- until niece Kat Rosca Taylor showed up and showed me. Only daughter of my younger sister, she does heavy metal cum punk rock, writes lyrics and is the lead vocalist and sole female in a band called Saydie -- which she pronounces Sehdi but which I keep (mis)pronouncing as "say die" -- as in say what? Click on\saydiemusic, if you dare.


gayle kimball said...

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Thanks, gayle

Anonymous said...

Well...she is related to we shouldn't be too surprised...They did win over a new fan though!

Anonymous said...

She's a good kid. Just been through a lot. She deserves every bit of success that she gets. She told me a lot about you. How she enjoyed your company in Hawaii. About your life story and the tribulations you had to endure. Strong will runs in the family. I stood by her side as she suffered in the piss pot of L.A. I cared for her and promised to get her home. Up to this day she makes me proud in all that she accomplishes. She has the most amazing eyes, which is how I fell for her. I stood by her side and took better care of her than that "TRASH" she had to keep dragging around. She loves to smile and always tried to make me smile for her. Always said I was too serious. She is absolutely Hilarious !!! I loved it when she would make me laugh, her eyes would gleam, as she made me smile. I don't think there's any animal she doesn't like. Animals are naturally attracted to her. One time, when we had to get a tire fixed, the shop owner had parrots freely roaming around. Out of nowhere one of the parrots climbs down from it's nest and walks up to her just to get petted. She loves Possums. She said " They are cute but are just misunderstood".

She never belonged here in this land. Still I stood by her side, as long as it took. I' am glad she is back home now and has regained control of her life. She earned it.

You have an amazing niece. I miss her greatly.