Sunday, July 18, 2010

Note to Inviters

My schedule is ruled by an agent with an ironfist. Please email  Or check-out Speak Out Now.  Because of ancient bones and a still rather hectic schedule, my preference is for professional (writing) and political (speaking) activities.  Thank you for your forbearance. 


Anonymous said...

yeah right.

Unknown said...

Most artists/writers become products under capitalism and are governed by market forces. It makes for a very strange lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

Isn't life and living itself a product under capitalism?

You have this fighting spirit, and yet it's a spirit that cannot see the light somewhere in the horizon. Your loud voice is so ironic. A writer, indeed.

In many ways, you have not left that prison you were in many years ago. Your life is a prison cell. And yes language liberated you. But then since you don't want to be "governed by market forces", it seems your writings prefer not to be part of the publishing industry.

And since blogs are part of capitalism's market forces, do you plan then to fly away from blogosphere soon and feel free somewhere? In that light, the title of your blog is so appropriate: 'lily pad'. Indeed. Flying as state of disappearing.

Unknown said...

Life's too short for sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

haynaku ninoctchka, you've made your life into sarcasm against capitalism. indeed, life is too short.

the young in the Philippines needs you, to see you talking to them, to hear your ideas, what you can offer to them. why are you an eternal exile to the country you've called a jewel...?

Unknown said...

1. Never have I called the Philippines a jewel. Too trite a metaphor.
2. How does anyone know the Philippine youth needs me? Was there perchance a survey or a poll
3. What's your stake in how I live my life? You seem to have a personal beef.

Life's too short for beef.

Sheridan said...

Oich, Ms. Rosca, your neighborhood fan here -- this woman seems to have a beef with her own life itself; probably hasn't had it for a decade. Ignore.