Saturday, March 06, 2010

Better Educated But Still Crummy Jobs, Pay

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Although more than half of the enrolled students around the world are women and girls, increased education has not lead to corresponding gender equality and achievement levels in employment and politics, and with regard to social norms. At all levels of education, school curiricula reinforce negative/traditional stereotypes of women as home makers, mothers, and devalued members of society. At the university level, many women are still confined to studying “soft” subjects within the social sciences, whereas men continue to dominate “hard” fields, like engineering, math, and technology.

In the Philippines, women have higher literacy scores than men, and more than twice as many women graduate from college (17.83% of women compared to 8.24% of men). However, women only represent 20% of engineering and law students, predominantly receiving degrees in female-dominated fields, like education and health. And alarmingly, in several regions of the world, for example Africa and parts of Latin America, while the majority of enrolled students are still female, the number of women and girls enrolled in school is declining.

It validates one distressing observation: Philippine women have just about done all the prescribed solutions to inequality but continuously find themselves in worse situations of gender oppression and exploitation. Note that majority of exported domestic workers from the Philippines are educated, some at post-grad level. And yet they find themselves back at household work. I half-suspect that calling such domestic workers serve to hide what should have been glaring: their re-feudalization in terms of the character of the work and in terms of what obligates them to accept becoming exported.

Oh, please, enough with the poverty narrative! That's just not the totality of it. - #


Anonymous said...

Hence I often find myself alone when discussion feminist politics.....

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Well said! We should set aside gender discrimination and think of ways to help the country instead. Women should be given equal privileges with job opportunities similar to that given to men. Thanks for your enlightenment on this matter. Great site!

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Looks like the last comment was by a recruiter/employment agency. This site has been besieged by all kinds of spam masquerading as comments -- from Chinese to Russian and a welter of English... Oich vech, hazards of running an open blogsite.

I say ignore them... I do not endorse corporate entities.

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