Tuesday, March 02, 2010


From Global Issues.org:

"For every $1 in aid a developing country receives, over $25 is spent on debt repayment."

"The poorer the country, the more likely it is that debt repayments are being extracted directly from people who neither contracted the loans nor received any of the money."

Is there a presidential candidate who will promise NOT to borrow or beg for aid?

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TABBY said...

ms. rosca i really believe in this. it is very frustrating for people like me who end up working for this aid projects because we cannot find any work in the country that would pay enough for us to survive given our expertise. my colleagues and i try out best to make ourselves better so in the future filipinos don't have to borrow so much money to get the services of these so-called experts...that is if our government would, as you said, promise not to borrow or beg for aid.